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Tips for Finding the Best Glass Pool Fencing and Glass Balustrades in Tweed Coast

A glass pool fence can provide safety to your swimming pool area while also ensuring a clean and attractive aesthetic. At Artwork Glass, we are proud to offer glass pool fencing designs in Tweed Coast. But how can you be sure that we are the right team for the job? Here are a few tips you can use to find the right company to meet your pool fencing needs in the Tweed Coast area.

How to Choose the Right Glass Pool Fence Company

  • Think about safety: Before you start calling around to learn about glass pool fencing or balustrades in Tweed Coast, you should take a moment to familiarise yourself with the latest pool fencing safety regulations. In New South Wales, pool fences must be at least 1,200mm high. There are other rules as well, such as that your pool fence must not have any climbable trees, ladders, chairs or other objects nearby. Click here to learn more about NSW’s pool fencing safety regulations.
  • Look for a company with experience: Whether you need glass pool fencing or glass balustrades in Tweed Coast, you want a company that brings a wealth of experience to the table. At Artwork Glass, our head Glazier has more than 15 years of experience working in the industry. This experience helps to ensure that you get the kind of beautiful, solidly built pool fence that you want.
  • Get a price quote: Different companies will charge wildly different amounts for glass pool fencing work. The last thing you want is to end up with a company that takes advantage of you and charges more than you expected. Instead of taking that risk, look for a glazier who is willing to give you a free price quote. At Artwork Glass, we always perform an on-site consultation and price quotation before we start work. The consultation and quote are completely free, with no obligation to you. We want you to feel completely comfortable about working with us before you sign any paperwork or make a down payment.
  • Ask to see some of the company’s work: In our experience, many of the businesses that offer glass pool fencing in Tweed Coast are not entirely qualified. These teams may charge you less, but they may also deliver a low-quality finished product. To avoid problems with quality, ask your glazier to show you pictures of their work. At Artwork Glass, we use only the finest quality materials and employ only the most qualified tradesmen. To prove our commitment to quality, we make photos of our past work freely available on our website. Click here to view our photo gallery.

Choose Artwork Glass for Your Pool Fencing in Tweed Coast

When it comes to selecting a company to design and install your glass pool fencing or balustrades in Tweed Coast, there is a lot at stake. A good glass pool fence will provide security, compliance, safety and eye-catching aesthetics, all at the same time. To get the most out of your pool fence, though, you need to choose the right company to build it for you. At Artwork Glass, we like to think that we check all the boxes. Give us a call on 0421 972 984 to learn more about our services and our commitment to quality.