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Add to the Modern Look of Your Home, with Fresh Glass Balustrades and Pool Fencing from Artwork Glass in Northern NSW

When we think of modern architecture, we imagine typical hallmarks like steel columns, concrete floors, stained wood and lots of clean horizontal or vertical lines. Modern homes are known for their clean aesthetics and limited ornamentation. If you are pursuing a modern style with your home design, you can add to it with another material: glass.

Glass plays a vital role in modern architecture, but some homeowners and architects limit that role to the large windows that populated the sides of modern homes. At Artwork Glass, we like helping homeowners expand the modern look of their homes to the exterior spaces as well as the interior. On the inside of homes, we love working with glass to create frameless shower enclosures, unique splashbacks and more. Outside, our teams are known for their excellence in glass pool fencing and balustrades in Northern NSW.

All these improvements or installations can go a long way to achieving a modern aesthetic. Whether you are remodelling your home to reflect a more modern mindset or trying to match the modern architecture of the building with exterior improvements, Artwork Glass can lend a hand.

Get More out of the Aesthetics of Your Home, with Glass Balustrades in Northern NSW

One area where homeowners often miss the mark regarding modern style is with balustrades. Glass balustrades are elegant, simplistic and stylish. They bear the clean lines that are the hallmark of contemporary architectural styles and do so while opening sightlines and maximising the flow of natural light. Despite these advantages, it isn’t uncommon to see wooden deck railings or metal stair balustrades—even on very contemporary-style homes.

At Artwork Glass, we have assisted home and business owners alike in achieving a fresher, less cluttered look through the installation of glass balustrade. From interior staircases to exterior decks, patios and balconies, our glass balustrades provide an aesthetically appealing alternative to more opaque styles.

Outdoors, our clients especially love how our balustrade installations open sightlines and maximise the enjoyment of great views. Our pool fencing in Northern NSW has also been praised for these benefits. In New South Wales, every home or business owner with a pool is legally required to have a surrounding fence of at least 1200mm in height. The average security fence—whether it’s made of wood, metal or brick—will inevitably eliminate sightlines and cut off the pool from the rest of the property, making it seem isolated and separate.

Frameless glass pool fencing from Artwork Glass keeps a physical barrier up to ensure compliance with NSW standards but keeps sightlines open so that the pool area doesn’t feel isolated from everything else. Trust us: your guests will use your pool more if they don’t feel alone and contained when they do so.

Call Artwork Glass to Learn More about Our Contemporary Renovation Work

Whether you are looking for ways to expand the modern aesthetic of your property or just want to avoid closing off your pool area, Artwork Glass is the right team to help. To learn more about our balustrades and glass pool fencing in Northern NSW, give us a call on 0421 972 984.