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Keep Your Pool the Focal Point of Your Property, with Glass Pool Fencing and Glass Balustrades in Logan

When you built your swimming pool (or bought a home with a swimming pool on the premises), what was your primary intention for the pool? Did you plan on swimming in it every day? Using it for exercise? Having it as a place for the kids to have fun outside? Or did you intend to make the pool the focal point of your backyard? The centrepiece for your garden, patio or outdoor entertaining space? The hub of a meticulously put-together landscaping plan?

If your viewpoint skews towards the latter answers—of your pool being the aesthetic focal point of your property—then you certainly aren’t alone. While it’s fantastic to have a swimming pool where you can throw birthday parties for your kids or enjoy a relaxing dip after a long day at work, the truth is that most homeowners don’t go swimming in their pools every day. Every day you are bound to look out a window or off your balcony and see your swimming pool and the landscaping you’ve built around it. For most homeowners with pools, the pool is an aesthetic feature first and foremost.

When the Views Are Too Good to Lose, Call Artwork Glass for Glass Pool Fencing in Logan

Needless to say, the last thing you want to do is obliterate the views of your pool with ugly or sightline-blocking pool fencing. To ensure safety and comply with Queensland regulations, though, you must secure your pool with a fence that is at least 1200mm tall. How can you do it without losing the views that you value so much?

The answer is to call Artwork Glass for your pool fencing needs in Logan. Our wheelhouse is glass balustrades and fencing, which means that we can design a tasteful fencing solution that complies with Queensland standards while also preserving that view you love so much.

Indeed, our tagline at Artwork Glass is ‘When the views are too good to lose.’ When the sightlines from your home or your patio to your pool are what you love most about having a swimming pool in the first place - our glass pool fencing in Logan is either frameless or semi-frameless. Neither options will obstruct your view, and both will preserve the look and feel you are trying to cultivate with your pool and the landscaping that surrounds it.

If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted view of your pool, you might also consider adding glass balustrades to other parts of your Logan property. Glass railings along your decks, balconies or outdoor staircases can preserve safety while also opening up sightlines. Going full glass with your fences and balustrades can open and freshen up your entire yard, creating the kind of gorgeously rendered outdoor area you have always wanted.

Call Artwork Glass to Learn More Today

Are you interested in learning more about Artwork Glass? To enquire about our pool fencing and balustrades in Logan, call us on 0421 972 984.