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Improve the Resale Value of Your Home: Trade Out Your Aluminium Pool Fences and Balustrades with Glass Alternatives from Gold Coast’s Artwork Glass

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, know that kerb appeal and outdoor charm can do a lot to add to the resale value of the property. Many homeowners focus their efforts on the kitchen and bathrooms when trying to spruce up their homes for resale. While these types of renovations or improvements can certainly add value, it's not value that potential buyers are going to be able to see as they drive by your house or pull up in the driveway. Outdoor improvements can help you make that kind of stellar first impression that leads to faster sales and higher initial offers.

Artwork Glass: Offering Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Gold Coast

At Artwork Glass, we love helping our clients make their homes look more beautiful. As our brand name implies, we specialise in glasswork, including glass pool fencing and balustrades in Gold Coast. Perhaps you have a worn-looking aluminium fence around your pool that blocks the view and creates a cold, unwelcoming industrial vibe. Maybe your balcony railings or deck railings are showing signs of wear or weather damage. Either way, Artwork Glass can help.

Our glass pool fencing in Gold Coast is available in frameless or semi-frameless incarnations. Both options look terrific, especially in place of a tired-looking aluminium fence. Glass fences can provide sturdier protection than you might realise, and they do it without pulling away from the aesthetic value of the property. Pool and patio areas can lend a high level of charm and luxury to a home—especially when they are offset by gardens, tasteful water features or other attractive landscaping choices. However, pools must be surrounded by fences that are at least 1200mm high. Glass fences are a modern and visually striking solution to this problem, preserving range of vision and retaining the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor space while also ensuring that your property is compliant with Queensland regulations.

If glass isn’t a match with your home’s architectural style, Artwork Glass also offers aluminium pool fencing in Gold Coast.

Especially if you are thinking about glass fencing to secure your pool, you should also consider adding glass balustrades to your Gold Coast home. Decks, balconies and stairways are often enclosed with wooden or metal railings. These railings look fine, but they can impair views and cut off the flow of natural light, among other drawbacks. At Artwork Glass, we are adept at designing and installing both glass balustrades and staircase railings in the Gold Coast area. Glass staircase balustrades, especially, are trending in new homes and developments, making them an ideal improvement to attract potential buyers.

Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money, with the Help of Artwork Glass

Glass is all the rage in modern architecture these days. Improving the outdoor areas around your home with a focus on glass can tap you into these trends and boost your chances of selling your home at your preferred price point. At Artwork Glass, we can help you achieve your goals with glass balustrades and pool fencing in Gold Coast. To learn more about our services, dial 0421 972 984 today.