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Thinking about Glass Kitchen Splashbacks or Frameless Shower Screens for Your Bathroom? Call Artwork Glass for a Free Consultation in Gold Coast

Glass improvements—both on the interior and exterior of your home—can add a wealth of beauty and class to your residence. If you’ve been thinking about adding glass kitchen splashbacks, frameless shower screens, new mirrors, glass pool fencing or glass balustrades to your home, count on Artwork Glass to provide the premium quality service you deserve. Our head Glazier has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and will do his part to make sure that your finished product corresponds with your initial vision.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation for Your Glass Splashbacks or Frameless Shower Screens in Gold Coast

Whether you want a new bathroom mirror, a glass shower enclosure or a new set of kitchen splashbacks for your Gold Coast home, all you have to do to get the ball rolling is give us a call at Artwork Glass. Once you make contact, we will arrange a time for our glaziers to come to your home and provide an on-site consultation.

This consultation is completely free and requires no obligation from you. We are there to talk to you about what you want, measure your space and prepare a price quote. If the quote doesn't align with your budget, or if you have other concerns, you are not obligated to work with us. Of course, we would love to collaborate with you on your project and see it through to completion.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

If you do decide to work with Artwork Glass for your frameless shower screens, glass balustrades, pool fencing or glass splashbacks in Gold Coast, you can expect nothing less than the highest level of service from our teams. Some companies in our industry may advertise themselves as ‘qualified' or ‘experienced' glaziers while sending apprentices or unqualified labourers to do some of their projects for them. This kind of arrangement is disrespectful to the customer and doesn't always result in the highest quality workmanship.

At Artwork Glass, we don’t think it’s fair to our customers to give them less than what we promise. For that reason, we make sure that every stage of every project (including measuring, quoting and installation) are carried out by fully qualified tradesmen. You are paying us to help improve your home, and we want you to get the most beautiful finished product possible.

When it comes to installing objects like kitchen splashbacks and frameless shower screens in Gold Coast, safety is also a paramount concern. Not only can hiring an unqualified glazier result in a lower quality product, but it can also mean compromising safety. At Artwork Glass, we use only the highest quality materials, to ensure that we are always complying with the latest regulations and building codes. Our trade teams also handle each glass piece with utmost care, to prevent accidents and injuries.

Whether you are mulling over a new mirror, a glass balustrade for your deck or a new glass splashback for your kitchen, we hope you will consider hiring Artwork Glass for your next glass-related renovation in Gold Coast. Call us on 0421 972 984 to arrange your free on-site consultation!