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Three Reasons to Choose Glass for Your Kitchen Splashbacks or Frameless Shower Screens in Logan

When it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom with fixtures and flourishes, you have a few major choices to make. In the kitchen, you have to decide on materials for your counter, flooring and splashbacks. In the bathroom, the shower design might just be the most pivotal part of the entire room.

The choices you make at this stage can define the entire look and feel of your spaces. For instance, in the kitchen, a tile splashback can create a very different atmosphere than one made from reclaimed wood. In the bathroom, meanwhile, a shower built from tile walls or closed off with a shower curtain cultivates a very different vibe than one with a glass shower door.

At Artwork Glass, we specialise in glass improvements for kitchens, bathrooms and other parts of the house. If you are thinking about glass shower doors or glass splashbacks for your Logan home, we can help create a design to make you proud. Here are just a few reasons that we think glass is the best option for splashback and shower purposes.

The Benefits of Using Glass for Your Splashbacks or Shower Doors

  1. Glass is easy to clean: Whether you are considering glass splashbacks or frameless shower screens for your Logan residence, cleanliness will likely be one of your main priorities. A problem with tile is that moisture often gets into the grouting, leading to rapid growth of mould and mildew. Glass is more hygienic and leaves no nooks or crevices for water to pool. As a result, glass is a lot easier to clean—a good thing for both splashbacks and shower screens.
  2. Glass can make a room feel larger: At Artwork Glass, we find that many customers are interested in our frameless shower screens in Logan because they want their master bathrooms to feel more open. Tile, shower curtains and even the standard metal frames that surround glass showers cut off sightlines and make the bathroom feel more cramped. Frameless glass showers may add to the feel of space in the room. Even glass splashbacks in the kitchen can make the room feel larger and more welcoming, by reflecting light and bouncing it around the room.
  3. Glass is tough: Usually, we think of glass as something that is fragile and easily broken. At Artwork Glass, though, if you decide to work with us for your frameless shower screens or kitchen splashbacks in Logan, you will find that we only use the highest quality materials. The glass we use for shower doors and backsplashes is compliant with all Australian standards and building codes and has been selected specifically for its durability and longevity. With minimal maintenance, our glass installations will continue to look as good as new for many years to come.

Get a Price Quote for Your Frameless Shower Screens or Glass Kitchen Splashbacks from Logan’s Artwork Glass

Are you interested in taking advantage of these key benefits of glass? Call Artwork Glass to learn more about our frameless shower screens and gorgeous glass splashbacks in Logan today. You can reach us on 0421 972 984.