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Make Your Kitchen or Bathroom Look New and Fresh, with Glass Splashbacks and Frameless Shower Screens in Brisbane Southside

Most real estate agents would tell you that the two most important rooms in the house for winning over potential buyers are the kitchen and the master bathroom. Not only are these rooms usually the most expensive ones in the house, but they also tend to have the most variation from one home to the next. Bedrooms or living rooms can vary in size but are otherwise empty spaces for the owner to fill with their furnishings and décor. Kitchens and bathrooms, though, can have very different layouts, styles and features—from fittings to appliances and beyond.

In other words, if you are selling your home and trying to make it more attractive and valuable to potential buyers, you should consider making an improvement or two to your kitchen and bathrooms. Even if you aren’t selling, kitchen or bathroom improvements can help wow guests and add substantially to the beauty of your home. Simply adding something like a new kitchen splashback to your Brisbane Southside home can go a long way towards achieving the kind of elegant, tasteful style you want in your kitchen.

New Glass Splashbacks or Frameless Shower Screens in Brisbane Southside

If a modern and elegant look is what you are trying to achieve in your kitchen or master bathroom, then you can’t beat glass. Glass splashbacks are perfect for a kitchen because they look beautiful and are easy to clean. If you cook a lot, it's inevitable that some food or water is going to end up splattered across your splashbacks. Tile splashbacks are a bit tougher to clean, but all you need to wipe off a glass splashback is a wet sponge and a paper towel.

As for bathrooms, Artwork Glass specialises in both bathroom mirrors and frameless shower screens in Brisbane Southside. A smudged, cracked or low-quality bathroom mirror can make your bathroom look old, cheap or poorly maintained—even if other parts of the room are in near-perfect condition. Replacing the mirror with a fine glass alternative is an affordable and easy fix that will make a world of difference.

Our frameless glass shower screens, meanwhile, can lend clean lines and angles to your bathroom—a perfect match for contemporary and modern architecture styles. We only install these fixtures with the toughest, highest quality glass and the most durable stainless steel hardware so you can expect longevity and dependability from your investment.

Start Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation; Call Artwork Glass Today

Whether you are thinking about a new glass splashback for your Brisbane Southside kitchen or a fresh full-length mirror for your master bathroom, Artwork Glass is the company to call for all the glass aspects of your kitchen and bathroom renovations. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with our glaziers, start by dialling 0421 972 984 today. Alternatively, click here and fill out our contact form. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you soon!