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When Is the Right Time to Invest in a New Frameless Shower Screen or Glass Kitchen Splashback in Tweed Coast?

Planning renovations and home improvements can be challenging. On the one hand, you have the list of things you want most. On the other hand, you have the renovations that are the most pressing. A smart renovation strategy will balance these two lists, allowing you to plot the improvements that are most exciting to you while also ensuring that the essential items are checked off the docket.

At Artwork Glass, we often collaborate with homeowners on renovation strategies. As our brand name suggests, our domain is glass. We specialise in items such as glass pool fences, balustrades, splashbacks and frameless shower screens in Tweed Coast. If any of these improvements are on your ‘want’ or ‘need’ list (or both), we can help you bring them to fruition.

Signs That You Need a New Shower Enclosure

Let’s start with frameless shower screens. New glass shower enclosures are improvements that many homeowners want—and for good reason. A frameless glass shower is a gorgeous, modern renovation that can make any bathroom look brand new. If you want to get more out of your master bathroom, then it might be time to invest in a new frameless shower screen in Tweed Coast.

But how can you know if you need a new shower enclosure? Here are a few reasons that you might invest in a shower redesign through Artwork Glass—beyond the mere fact that a shower redesign is on your wish list:

  • Your shower is looking mouldy, dirty or dated: Shower curtains are inexpensive and easily replaced, but they also mould easily and can become smelly after just a few weeks of use. Even glass showers, if they have traditional framed designs, can be tough to clean completely. If your shower looks or feels musty, mouldy, dirty or just plain out of date, then a frameless shower enclosure is the perfect way to revitalise it. Frameless shower screens look effortlessly contemporary and are much easier to clean than their framed counterparts.
  • You are already improving your bathroom space: Perhaps you are replacing the tile in your shower stall, or trading out the shower head (or other fixtures) with replacements. If you are already in the process of renovating your shower, you might as well get a price quote for a frameless glass enclosure. At Artwork Glass, we are happy to offer free price quotes for all our services.
  • Your shower is leaking: If your shower door or frame is leaking water, then a renovation is a must. Shower leaks can lead to water damage not just in the bathroom, but in the walls and floors of your home as well. Correct the issue with a new frameless shower screen in Tweeds Head.

Signs That You Need a New Kitchen Splashback in Tweed Coast

How about kitchen splashbacks? When is it time to think about glass splashbacks in Tweed Coast? At Artwork Glass, we find that most of our clients go for glass splashbacks for one of two reasons. Either they want a more modern look for their kitchen or are tired of maintaining tough-to-clean splashbacks made of tile or brick. Our splashbacks—which are sleek, easy to clean and maintain, beautifully contemporary and available in any colour—offer solutions to both these problems.

If new shower enclosures or glass splashbacks are on your ‘need’ list for your upcoming home renovation, Artwork Glass can help. Give us a call on 0421 972 984.