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Achieve Pool Safety Compliance without Sacrificing Aesthetics: Call Artwork Glass for Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Brisbane Southside

Did you know that, as of November 2015, pool owners in Queensland must adhere to new safety standards for fencing? Today, Queensland pools must be surrounded by fences that are a minimum of 1200mm high. There are also several other rules that ...read more.

Improve the Resale Value of Your Home: Trade Out Your Aluminium Pool Fences and Balustrades with Glass Alternatives from Gold Coast’s Artwork Glass

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, know that kerb appeal and outdoor charm can do a lot to add to the resale value of the property. Many homeowners focus their efforts on the kitchen and bathrooms when trying to spruce up their ...read more.

Keep Your Pool the Focal Point of Your Property, with Glass Pool Fencing and Glass Balustrades in Logan

When you built your swimming pool (or bought a home with a swimming pool on the premises), what was your primary intention for the pool? Did you plan on swimming in it every day? Using it for exercise? Having it as a place for the kids to have ...read more.

The Benefits of Having Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Northern Gold Coast

Perhaps you are trying to make sure the pool fencing at your Northern Gold Coast home is compliant with the latest standards. Alternatively, maybe you have a compliant pool fence, but don't like how the aesthetics of the design blends into ...read more.

Add to the Modern Look of Your Home, with Fresh Glass Balustrades and Pool Fencing from Artwork Glass in Northern NSW

When we think of modern architecture, we imagine typical hallmarks like steel columns, concrete floors, stained wood and lots of clean horizontal or vertical lines. Modern homes are known for their clean aesthetics and limited ornamentation ...read more.

Make Your Kitchen or Bathroom Look New and Fresh, with Glass Splashbacks and Frameless Shower Screens in Brisbane Southside

Most real estate agents would tell you that the two most important rooms in the house for winning over potential buyers are the kitchen and the master bathroom. Not only are these rooms usually the most expensive ones in the house, but they ...read more.

Thinking about Glass Kitchen Splashbacks or Frameless Shower Screens for Your Bathroom? Call Artwork Glass for a Free Consultation in Gold Coast

Glass improvements—both on the interior and exterior of your home—can add a wealth of beauty and class to your residence. If you’ve been thinking about adding glass kitchen splashbacks, frameless shower screens, new mirrors, glass pool ...read more.

Three Reasons to Choose Glass for Your Kitchen Splashbacks or Frameless Shower Screens in Logan

When it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom with fixtures and flourishes, you have a few major choices to make. In the kitchen, you have to decide on materials for your counter, flooring and splashbacks. In the bathroom ...read more.

Artwork Glass: Providing Glass Splashbacks, Frameless Shower Screens and Other Popular Renovations in Northern Gold Coast

Glass splashbacks have been all the rage in recent home renovations, thanks to their customizable nature, their clean aesthetics and their limited maintenance requirements. Frameless shower doors have been a popular trend as well, giving ...read more.

Hire Artwork Glass for Custom Frameless Shower Screens, Kitchen Splashbacks or Other Glass Improvements in Northern NSW

When you decide to invest in an improvement or renovation for your home, you want it to be unique. No matter how major or minor the project, the truth is that your home reflects who you are, what you like and what you need. As such, all ...read more.

When Is the Right Time to Invest in a New Frameless Shower Screen or Glass Kitchen Splashback in Tweed Coast?

Planning renovations and home improvements can be challenging. On the one hand, you have the list of things you want most. On the other hand, you have the renovations that are the most pressing. A smart renovation strategy will balance ...read more.

Tips for Finding the Best Glass Pool Fencing and Glass Balustrades in Tweed Coast

A glass pool fence can provide safety to your swimming pool area while also ensuring a clean and attractive aesthetic. At Artwork Glass, we are proud to offer glass pool fencing designs in Tweed Coast. But how can you be sure that we are the ...read more.